Exhibition BLIND HOLE - 31/03/2012 – 04/06/2012, Thomas Brambilla gallery, Bergamo, Italia


William Anastasi
Lucio Fontana
Udomsak Krisanamis
Anatoly Osmolovsky
Nathan Peter
Grayson Revoir

In the latest history of art the obsession for void and chasm is a constant. Since Lucio Fontana and
Piero Manzoni till the latter Anish Kapoor, absence and filling of void have always been main
topics. It’s a necessity, for art and perhaps for humanity itself, to understand void and absence and
shape it into an image, an encoding, a measure so this extension becomes less terrifying.

The notion of blind hole has a specific value in engineering. Indeed it means a duty excavation
useful to succeed in the work more quickly, as in construction of undeground lines. This method
often implies that the ground around the empty space is going to collapse, so normally a fast grip
chemical treatment gets the ground stuck and self-standing.
While within the matter it’s possible to find a structural and actual solution to fix and somehow
define the void, in spirituality and inner life the absence dimension has a tough connotation that in
contemporary art turns into an endless range of shapes: dramatic, ironical, iconic, iconoclastic.

In fact the exhibition starts from this point to explore how the contemporary artist deals with what
invariably becomes a spiritual void.
As in Anatoly Osmolovsky the vision of orthodox icon turns into an excavation of wooden depth
lookin for a saving image, so in William Anastasi a completely grey surface becomes an empty
abstraction, which remains just the graphic track.
Nathan Peter, cutting out the stars from the United States banner, through subtraction returns to the
flag itself, that appears just an empty symbol, at least an aesthetic and artistic value.
Udomsak Krisanamis and Grayson Revoir instead work on detail and particular dimension. Revoir
tries to drill with screws and metal nails a table or a ladder, Krisanamis paints every single
centimeter of the canvas with dry brush strokes to overlay all lines and text on the paper covering
the canvas. Only the concave spaces of the round letters O, B, D, 9 remain, then, the blind holes.

William Anastasi

Born in 1933 in Philadelphia (U.S.A.), lives and works in New York.
He had exhibitions at the galleries Peter Blum, New York; Dwan Gallery, New York; Michael
Benevento, Los Angeles; Emilio Mazzoli, Modena.
His artworks are part of the collections of renowned international museums: Museum of Modern
Art, New York; The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; The Guggenheim Museum, New
York; Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; The Philadelphia Museum of Art,
Philadelphia; The Walker Art Center, Minneapolis; The Getty Museum, Los Angeles; British
Museum, London; Museum Ludwig, Köln; Musee Moderne, Stockholm; Museum of Contemporary
Art, Roskilde, Denmark.

Udomsak Krisanamis

Born in 1966 in Bangkok, Thailand, lives and works in Bangkok and New York.
He had exhibitions at the galleries Gavin Brown’s enterprise, New York; Victoria Miro Gallery,
London, and at P.S.1 New York; The Walker Art Center, Minneapolis; Sydney Biennial; Villa
Manin Centre for contemporary art, Codroipo (UD, Italy) and Foundation Sandretto Re
Rebaudengo, Turin.

Anatoly Osmolovsky

Born in 1969 in Moscow, where he lives and works.
He had exhibitions at the galleries Marat Guelman Gallery, Moscow and Stella Art Gallery,
Moscow. He joined two editions of Venice Biennial, in1993 and in 2003, and Documenta XII in
Kassel in 2007. He had exhibitions in primary international museums: Moscow Museum of
Contemporary Art, Moscow; State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow; III Moscow Biennial; New
Museum, New York; Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin; 25° Sao Paulo Biennial, Brazil; Foundation
Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin; Zamek Ujazdowski, Warsaw; MuHKA, Antwerp. Moreover, he
realizes performances and publishing projects.

Nathan Peter

Born in 1978 in Minneapolis (U.S.A.), lives and works in Berlin.
He had exhibitions in many galleries: Program, Berlin; HOMEWORK, Berlin; PSM Gallery,
Berlin; Schmidt & Handrup, Köln; Scheublein Fine Art, Zurich; City Radio Cars, London; Sabina
Lee Gallery, Los Angeles.

Grayson Revoir

Born in 1983 in California, lives and works in New York.
He had exhibitions at Martos Gallery, New York; West Street Gallery, New York; C.E.O gallery
Malmo, Sweden and MOCA New Jersey.

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09/05/2010 | Анатолий Осмоловский

В среде патриотов часто идет спор, что американское искусство убьет всю нашу традицию. Во-первых, современное искусство - не американское явление, а было изобретено в России (Малевич со товарищи). Во-вторых, невозможно искусством поработить. Ни одному человеку не приходит в голову, что центральная перспектива, придуманная в Италии в эпоху Ренессанса, может поработить кого-то

01/10/2008 | Александр Евангели

С именем «художника года» Анатолия Осмоловского связаны все самые заметные вехи в отечественном искусстве последних двух десятилетий. Его работы хранятся в главных пинакотеках мира, выставки проходят по всему миру. Осмоловский - фигура последовательного воплощения собственной эстетической стратегии. Его радикализм эволюционировал от социального и политического жеста в 90-х к чистоте авангардной формы, к автономии искусства. Сегодня его объекты утверждают формальную экспрессию в качестве актуального высказывания.

Александр Евангели

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